The new manuscripts should be submitted to the new address of our journal by author/s: http://dergipark.gov.tr/jnrs




Journal of New Results in Science (JNRS) is the official publication of Institute of Science of Gaziosmanpasa University which had started its life on 01/02/2012 . JNRS is an international, inter-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal concerned with the all parts of science.

The journal will maintain the essential characteristics of scientific publications: to have an Editorial Board that evaluates the quality of the article contents, to reflect the state of the art in sciences provided that they make an important contribution to the wealth of knowledge in the subject. The electronic media allows JNRS to overcome the deficiencies of paper editions in terms of its immediateness and the incorporation of multimedia and hypertext.

Aims and Scope

Areas relevant to the scope of the journal include:

A.     Pure Sciences

Biology            Chemistry                   Mathematics              Physics

B.      Applied Sciences


Agricultural Economics          Animal Sciences         Biosystem Engineering

Field Crops                 Fisheries and Aquaculture     Horticulture    Plant protection


Bioengineering           Chemical Engineering           Civil Engineering

Electrical Engineering                       Energy Engineering    Food Engineering

Leather Engineering  Mechatronic Engineering      Topographical Engineering

JNRS publishes research papers, reviews, mini-reviews, perspectives, spotlights and short technical notes in both electronic formats. Online procedures provide efficient submission and peer-review. Authors will be requested to choose one of the above categories corresponding to the contents of the manuscript at the time of submission. This may shorten the editorial processes. Manuscripts not included in any of these categories may be considered but please choose "other categories" in such case.

Papers already published, in press or under consideration elsewhere are not accepted. 

Peer Review Process

Receipt of each article is acknowledged by e-mail to the contacting author upon receipt. Preliminary articles will not be considered for publication. The manuscript is read and examined for conformity to the Guide for Authors by the chief editor. Failure to meet the criteria outlined may result in return of the manuscript for correction before evaluation.

Then the manuscripts are forwarded to assigned area Editors. The editor selects two or three referees who are invited, in confidence, to evaluate the manuscript according to the following aspects:

·         Originality of the work.

·         Relevance to scientific knowledge.

·         Background: Theoretical background adequate. Hypothesis, objectives and clear contribution to Science. Updated and quality references.

·         Methodology: Materials and methods appropriate and adequately described. Sound experimental design.

·         Results: Data concise and sufficient. Statistics analysis when appropiate. Efficiency measurements. Figures clear and correct, only essential data should be included in figures. Elimination of figures, graphs and tables which add little or could be replaced by a few sentences or a statement of numerical values is recommended.

·         Discussion: In-depth discussion, correct interpretation.

·         Formal Aspects: Correct language, references properly cited. High quality figures. Adherence to usual and consistent nomenclature. Title and summary sufficiently informative.

All the above items will be evaluated as outstanding, good, fair or poor by an assessment form given to evaluators.

The article could be: accepted with no further revision; accepted after minor revision (no further review required); accepted only after major revisions, inappropriate for the journal; rejected.

If the paper is accepted after major revisions, it must be send again for review to the same evaluators.

The revised manuscript must be returned within two months (or within periods indicated by the Editor) of the authors’ receipt of the Editors’ report. Revised manuscripts not returned within two months (or within periods indicated by the Editor) are considered to have been withdrawn.

Publication Frequency

JNRS is published twice a  year on January and  July.

All accepted articles abstract will be published online as soon as possible.